Numan's Ideas

General Ideas for the Application -


  • Set target limits for energy consumption. Contextual tips and suggestions for achieving the set target.
  • Gain points or an energy rating based on how low energy consumption has been. Achievements/badges can be unlocked.
  • Compare your points/rating with friends (via social media etc) or energy consumption with neighbourhood (through national grid).
  • Possible money incentive - energy bill savings in vouchers.

User Experience:

  • Select a home type, small home (apartments, flats, 1/2 bedroom etc), regular home (3/4 bed) and large (5+ bed). Can help to make the app better tailored to the user. Maybe even new or old home, limiting certain functions of the app.
  • Different modes e.g. holiday mode. App puts lights on at night and turns of all other automations storing as much energy as possible.
  • Home managers can set permissions for other user groups e.g. guest group for... guests.

UI & Naming

  • Home screen with latest energy stats and suggested controls based on time, temp, past behaviour.
  • Live smart - possible app name.
  • Samsung's Smartthings app has clean a UI.
  • Smart meter inspired graphs -

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