Manager Meetings

All communications with professors and manager should be included in this page.

Manager meetings will be held every 2 weeks.

Meeting With Manager | 13:00 - 08/10/19=

[Link redacted]

  • Natural Language Processing is the managers field.
  • Encouraging using actual hardware (Raspberry Pi).
  • Think about retrofitting older homes.
  • Others in the group may not know about some technologies, so keep in mind about not creating too many things to learn.
  • Don't wait till semester 2 to start writing code.
  • Do not underestimate the backend.
  • Biggest issue with Amazon Alexa is human error ("switch off the light... no the other one"). Recommend to leave as a want to have.
  • Market research is important, even though it is down the line. Focus groups, surveys, etc.
  • Think about data. It is very important.

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday are his free days.

Meeting With Manager | 13:15 - 15/11/19

[Link redacted]


  • Give people task and ask them how they would approach it in the group
  • Different age range
  • Each member of the group finds at least 1 person to run the test with, preferably 2


  • Send it to our manager at least 1 week before the deadline so he has time to check it thoroughly