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Entry 7

Post by: Humaid at 3:04pm, 1st November

I have added a Golang tutorial section on the wiki. I am not expecting anyone to do this now, but it would be great if we could find some time so we can get together and do these exercises.

Entry 6

Post by: Humaid at 1:55pm, 16th October

This is a test post to demonstrate CI!

Entry 5

Post by: Humaid at 8:03pm, 14th October

The wiki is now hosted at You have to be logged in to GitLab to view the site, as it is protected.

Be mind that the wiki takes about 2-3 minutes to update after each commit. Also there is a dark mode available!

Entry 4

Post by: Humaid at 5:53pm, 14th October

We have bought a domain (! The domain cost was 6.56 pounds, so if you want to voluntarily pay your part you can pay 1 pound, but it is optional.

Right now, we don't have a website up. But email aliases is set, and each member has an address which is aliased to their University email.

And there is a general email ([email protected]) which will forward to all members.

Entry 3

Post by: Humaid at 5:50pm, 13th October

PDFs are now auto-compiled for the docs project, and it is no longer included with the repository (gitignore'd). This simplifies the process and reduces the size of the repository (no more binary blobs). You can view the generated PDFs online by clicking the (browse artifacts) badge.

Go to docs repo

Entry 2

Post by: Humaid at 4:54pm, 13th October

The Go wiki is up, doesn't have much yet. It is generated by the script, which you can look at and improve upon. If you want to run it you need godoc2markdown to be installed on your computer.

Entry 1

Post by: Humaid at 4:09pm, 13th October

The "source" repository is renamed to "nacdlow-server". To update your remote URL, 'cd' into your local git repository for 'source' and run:

$ git remote set-url origin [email protected]:group-nacdlow/nacdlow-server.git