27th September Meeting


  • Setting up Git
  • Choice of languages

No decisions has been made because only three people attended this meeting. We have discussed about choice of languages, @humaid suggested that we use Go as the implementation language and offered to help teach the language. There are worries if it may be difficult for others to catch up with, and that we might plan to use something like Python.

We also had a tour of GitLab, showing the cool features with Issues, Milestones, Continuous Integration, Boards (for Kanban), and so on...

@humaid agreed to give a tour of GitLab/Git, Go, and so on, in the next meeting.

To Go or Not to Go

Care For Golang:

  • Strongly typed: Dynamic typing can cause issues further on, like is the variable id an int or a string? Companies like Dropbox are trying to type-check 4 Million lines of Python.
  • There is one way to format things. No Tabs v. Spaces flamewar, the go fmt tool automatically formats.
  • The Objection-Relational Mapping library XORM is a good ORM implementation, unlike with Django, transactions are not as straight-forward.
  • It is fast, compiled, garbage collected. So it is good from these aspects. And the syntax is similar to C.

Case Against Golang

  • We must spend time to learn yet another programming language.
  • The syntax may take time to get used to.
  • Some people might be more familiar with Python, and that is more important than the benefits we might have from Go.