15th January Meeting

This meeting will take place at 14:30am at GRID Meeting Room 7 - Edinburgh.

Meeting | 14:30

Looking Over Feedback | 15:00

Went over feedback of the stage 1 report as a group.

Localhost | 15:30

Humaid went over the structure of the webserver and how to set it up on ones own machine.

CSS framework | 16:00

Numan informed the team about MDB (Material-Design Bootstrap), the team as a colective agreed to use this techonlogy moving forward. Humaid downloaded and setup the framework and is now ready for use.
We plan on starting front end development on 17/01/2020

ER Diagram and DB Implementation | 17:00

Worked on a basic form of the ER diagram, trying to figure out what we might need to include in the database. After a rough outline was drawn on a whiteboard we bagan implementing the schema allocating a table for each group member to complete, all files created have been pushed successfully.

Nacldow have officially started the implementation phase.