11th October Meeting

Meeting 1:30pm @ GRID

  • In this meeting we hope to discuss the current stage 1 roles further
  • We will allocate more specific deadlines and start dates for each section
  • Understanding Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart Pdf

The Gantt Chart below is not final and will V2 will be created after this meeting


@RuaridhMollica explained the Gantt chart, demonstrating a couple of features of TeamGantt.

@humaid discussed the tooling set we are going to use for Go development, and how to make the most of the tools available, and integrating it with Continuous Integration. He also briefly discussed about GoDoc generation and Git Merging.

We also discussed about buying a domain and how to setup and deploy websites. @humaid proposed:

  • For buying domains NameCheap is a good seller.
  • For hosting dynamic web apps Heroku is a good free host.
  • For static site hosting, Netlify is a good choice.