Research into existing solutions

Great Document Detailing a Human First Ideology in a Future Home:

Putting the Human First in the Future Home

  • Highlights pros and cons
  • Integration into society
  • Provides some solid statistics

SmartThings by Samsung

SmartThings Features:

  • Good example of a modern clean and elegant solution while still being powerful.

Bosch Smart Controller

Bosch SmartHome Controller Features:

  • Heating control
  • Radio and Music Control
  • Lighting
  • Windows
  • Alarm System
  • Presence Simulation
  • Motion Detectio
  • "Future Proof"(Auto Updates)


YourSmartHome Features:

  • Great app based implementation on phone, tablet and smart watch
  • Lighting Levels can be set to dim and brighten with the rise and set of the sun
  • Emphasises that the automation of things can be manually overridden(full control)
  • Has solar and wind power integration

Futurehome - Smart Home

Futurehome Features:

  • Product style can be picked e.g. cool, jazzy or glamour look
  • Simplistic and clean design with nice elegant cartoons demonstrating features
  • Emphasises safety and that a smart home is "just your home only smarter"
  • Mode settings and shortcuts
  • Alarms
  • Power and usage statistics
  • Multiple users
  • Event triggers
  • Timelines
  • Auto-Update Limitations:
  • Does not support 3rd party devices : expensive :moneybag:

E.ON Home

E.ON Home Energy Management Features: Most features are similar to that of the prior solutions with addition of:

  • Controlling energy generation and consumption
  • Highly flexible with full support for 3rd party applications and devices
  • Makes great use of weather to maximise energy
  • Provides full energy plans along with the future home if that is desired