Ruaridh's Ideas

In this part of the wiki i will include any ideas that come to mind. This is merely a place to put things, no idea here is guaranteed to make it to the final implementation.

Ideas for Features:

  • In sunny weather the application can ask the user if they wish to enter "Sun Mode": a mode that turns off all lights and opens blinds in order to save energy and maximise solar panels
  • Identifies where in the home heat and power is being lost to things such as: draughts from doors and windows, appliences using more power than needed, lights being left on etc..
  • A priority mode where the user can select what devices to send the most power to. e.g. in eco mode perhaps the user may not want to waste power on speakers and focus it on heating etc..
  • A share feature that allows the user to send milestones about energy saving/consumtption to friends: free advertising :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Room specific power usage values with the option to go into more detail of each room e.g. specific device power usage
  • As you become more prevelent in energy saving your bills will decrease. Hence, money saved on bills over time can get accummulated into a "pot" that saves/ keeps track of how much money has been saved. include graphs etc..

Ideas for Functionality:

Ideas will go here

Ideas for UI and Design:

Colour study:

  • I looked at colours that would pehaps emphasise things that the company and app represent e.g. enegry, eco, tech, future.. Colour_Study